Short Article

Got home audio? How about video? How about Home Automation ?

By Mike The Soundguy

What is ‘Home Audio/Video Integration?’

It’s not just about walking into our local big box store and laying out big bucks on the latest home theatre system! It’s a comprehensive approach to design, installation and implementation that takes into consideration your space, your lifestyle needs and your budget.

Indeed, the variety of audio and visual equipment available today can be quite bewildering to most people. We know you want music, movies and more… but how do you make your experience exceptional? Whether you’re doing it yourself, or having a professional install a system for you, consider the following:

1. With proper programming, the right remote will make the all the difference! It’s like the “steering wheel of the car” that will control your whole system. Don’t skimp on it.

2. Proper amplification power for speakers is important for quality sound reproduction. It is the ‘engine’ of your audio system. If you under-spec amplification, sound quality suffers, sometimes badly. This is a common mistake in homes where many speakers are set up in a ‘zoned’ format. Better to have more amplification rather than less.

3. Ventilation for equipment is key, and often overlooked. Lack of adequate airflow can reduce the life span of components and cause thermal shutdown or even failure. 

4. Component cabinets or racks can be completely hidden to provide a clean look for your home. 

5. Make sure you have proper connectivity & cabling for maximum performance. It is also often wise to run additional wires alongside the ones being used, to make future expansion of your system possible.

As a designer, musician and tech guru with over 25 years of professional audio experience, Mike The Soundguy will truly listen to your wants & needs and design a system that’s right for you!